Financial Goals and the Year Ahead

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As 2024 begins, we are challenged to review, reassess and consider how an individual’s wealth management goals may be achieved. The first quarter of the year is a time to reflect on personal budget and financial goals. While there is a strong focus on macro details, including China GDP results, US presidential elections, inflation, interest rates and natural resources, there is also an opportunity to focus on what this means for your personal balance sheet.  

Education and financial literacy are core focuses for Frais Capital, providing the opportunity for clients to understand and grow their wealth management strategies and goals, with Siobhan Blewitt, Founder and CEO of Frais Capital, speaking on Disrupt Radio, Enterprise Me with Libbi Gore, regularly, on the topic.  

Frais Capital provides a clear investment framework and process to allow clients to easily track and benchmark their investment portfolios with ease. Planning for the year ahead can help to establish and achieve important personal goals.  

According to a recently published study by the Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian’s household wealth and liabilities, while having peaked during the pandemic years of 2020-2022, have settled into a stable trend. While concerns around the cost of living remain, consumers are spending and drawing on savings, with the comfort that their jobs remain, for now.  

Household Wealth and Liabilities Graph, Wealth Management Strategies

Consistency is the key.  

Success in achieving personal financial goals boils down to consistently attending to your personal investments and checking on your super fund.  While financial literacy and education assist in addressing what may need to occur, consistency allows these goals to become reality.  

Striving for a new year’s financial resolution can be achieved in many ways. Set aside some time to review your spending, subscriptions, insurances, and superannuation performance and check in on your personal circumstances. Check out the Money Smart Budget planner –

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