Our Philosophy

Frais Capital has a grounding in education, community and communication. These core values are inherent in developing strong client relationships and holistic investment and financial outcomes.


Sharing investment knowledge with not for profit organisations and charities is a long standing commitment. 

Frais Capital professionally strives to provide peace of mind, financial security and robust investment management both to clients and also in its service to the community, through its philanthropic work.


Consistency is about trust, knowing the clients’ background, knowing that the advisor understands the clients’ requirements and objectives.

Consistency is a core value and is imperative for ongoing relationships and the shepherding of clients’ capital in all market conditions.


Education and financial literacy is an important element in providing clients with peace of mind. Frais Capital provides a clear investment framework and process to allow clients to be able to track and review their investment portfolios with ease. 

In an environment where change is the norm, investors are seeking to make sense of the noise.