Wealth Management

Effective wealth management planning involves many stakeholders. Frais Capital supports families and individuals to continually assess their ever-changing needs. Intergenerational wealth transfers, capital protection, retirement planning and superannuation are important areas of focus for Frais Capital. 

Frais Capital develop robust wealth management strategies for clients, involving all stakeholders in the investing of wealth. Clients have access to institutionally recognised research analytics allowing Frais Capital to implement, monitor and manage investment strategies. 

Frais Capital’s wealth management strategies are rigorously structured to ensure a focus on capital protection, retirement planning, investment strategies for listed, unlisted and multi-currency assets and alternatives. By defining the clients financial goals, objectives and purposes, Frais Capital is able to develop and create bespoke wealth management strategies for each client, an individual approach which will create outcomes with purpose.  

By developing an individual approach for each clients requirements, what truly matters to clients now and in the future, Frais Capital identifies and understand wealth management strategies for wealth moving forward for current and future generations.