Intergenerational Wealth Strategies

Education, planning and inclusion are core tenets to the smooth transition of family wealth. Frais Capital is well experienced in partnering with family groups to guide them through this process, accommodating all stakeholders to ensure robust governance and long-term wealth protection.

Family wealth management is a key service at Frais Capital, ensuring intergenerational wealth strategies and planning are in place at every stage of life. By building trust through engagement, Frais Capital works towards the financial, philosophical, and environmental goals each generation of family has. Transitioning between generations requires trust, communication and education. 

Frais Capital aims to encourage and grow each generation, to enable family wealth strategies and management to remain sustainable for years to come. Each family, over the generations has different goals and ideals, therefore Frais Capital’s approach to intergenerational wealth and its management and growth is always a bespoke and individual solution.

Frais Capital understands, planning and governance are required for intergenerational family wealth management that provides stability and continuity across generations of families.