Charities and Foundations Wealth Management

Partnering with boards, charities and investment committees, Frais Capital establishes a transparent investment processes, corporate governance and performance reporting.  The key focus is to ensure that the mission and vision of the organisation is reflected in the clients investment portfolio. Frais Capital respects and understands the values, goals and missions of each organization and will always work towards a strong focus on strong investment risk management and governance. 

Nonprofit investment groups typically maintain focus on cash flow and risk management, whilst emphasizing social and environmental goals aligning to the organization’s members and donor base. Boards, charities, and investment committees have highly specific needs, goals, visions and missions; therefore Frais Capital develops bespoke nonprofit investment solutions to meet these needs.

Frais Capital understands the level of discretion, trust and communication required to partner with boards, charities and investments committees, Frais Capital provides nonprofit investment solutions to organistions with a focus on stringent governance, reporting and performance practices.  This allows the organisations to continue with the processes of their daily management, whilst knowing their financial requirements are being met.