Bespoke Portfolio Management

Robust investment analytics provides direct and specific investment solutions for clients. Working across the full spectrum of markets and asset classes, based on specific risk and return objectives, Frais Capital establishes, manages and maintains specialised investment portfolios. This is developed individually and specifically for each client.

Frais Capital always aims to develop bespoke portfolio management that encourages growth and expansion. Frais Capital focuses on the needs of the clients holistic goals and objectives, including the various stages of investment and portfolio management that occur for the client. Considerations include the short and long-term financial goals, risk tolerances and asset allocation. With access to industry leading research analysts and financial experts both locally and internationally, Frais Capital is able to provide comprehensive bespoke portfolio management strategies across assets, including listed, unlisted, multi-currency and other. Asset allocation, balancing risk and diversification are key areas of focus for Frais Capital.