The Weekly Finance Wrap-Up

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To close out the week, revisit the key points of the markets, covering iron ore, inflation and interest rates.  

Monday saw a macro update from Tom Lee, Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisers and FS Insights. More jobs have been created than expected (hot), but hourly wage increased benign (not). The key to note will be this week’s US CPI data out on Wednesday, expecting +0.3% for March – stay tuned. 

March Jobs
March CPI

Source: Fundstrat Global Advisers

Tuesday morning was coverage on iron ore prices and BHP. Key points included Iron Ore price rising over night – back over $100 to $106 USD per ton. BHP and Rio fared better also.

Iron Ore Chart

Source: MST Financial

Wednesday and Thursday the focus was on the US CPI data, with mid-Week Insight from Tom Lee, Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors and FS Insight. 
The bulls can write-off much of the surprise increase in US CPI down to a timing issue. Higher frequency data for used cars and rent suggests there is further downside for inflation ahead. 

Core CPI vs. Core CPI Graph

Source: Fundstrat Global Advisers

Friday has seen the AFR highlight the key discussion on BHP and dividends, with commentary from Siobhan Blewitt, Founder & CEO, Frais Capital. Siobhan highlights the endurance of BHP through the years, with popularity of the share being intergenerational.  

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