Frais Capital Internship Learnings

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Jacob Luu, University of Melbourne student and Frais Capital Intern and Research Analyst shares his learnings.

The Frais Capital Intern Development program has been an invaluable experience and a fantastic introduction to the world of financial markets. Starting at Frais Capital in November 2023, I have had the opportunity to learn from leading wealth advisors and equity analysts in a supportive, genuine, and collaborative environment.

Alongside obtaining key technical skills in Refinitiv, Praemium and Microsoft Office, the soft skills acquired during my internship have been instrumental in my development. Firstly, the open-minded attitude of Siobhan Blewitt, Founder & CEO of Frais Capital and the Frais Capital team alongside the boutique structure of the firm, provides an avenue for interns to develop problem solving and critical thinking abilities. We are encouraged to provide fresh ideas about how to further improve processes to achieve Frais’ strategic vision. Such possibilities are different when working in a large corporation. Secondly, I have significantly developed my visual and verbal communication skills, the crucial challenge to distill complex information into comprehensive relevant insights. Thereafter the importance of this process is to communicate these insights. Effective visual communication goes beyond making aesthetically pleasing presentations; it entails being cognizant of financial literacy levels and individual preferences.

Frais Capital is dedicated to the professional development of our interns, which is formally seen in our Speechcraft and Breakfast Club programs. The Speechcraft program, facilitated together with Toastmasters, is a 6-week course that delves into the art of communication and public speaking. The aim is to develop confidence, leadership, and verbal communication – crucial skills used daily in the workforce and life generally. Furthermore, the Frais Capital team provides access to extensive industry networks through various initiatives such as regular breakfast events and active involvement in meetings with Frais Capital partners such as MST Financial. Connecting with fund managers, equity analysts and other professionals offers invaluable first-hand insights into the diverse career pathways within the finance industry. In the bubble that is university, it is difficult to appreciate the power of developing relationships with people, as people.

Ultimately, my time at Frais Capital has allowed me to extend my university learnings in economics and finance to the real world. Exploring the implications of macroeconomic, geopolitical, and financial events on real clients has solidified my interest in a career in finance. For students applying to Frais Capital or another firm, I would strongly encourage keeping an open mind and displaying genuine interest in the industry. An internship is not about ‘ticking a box’ or adding a few lines to your resume, it is about learning and absorbing as much as possible, and determining whether the industry is right for you. Thus, it is crucial that you seek out a firm that values your potential, respects your time, and is willing to invest in your development.